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Full nameKamolov Ikhtiyor Ramazonovich
PositionDean of Faculty
Academic degree and titleCandidate of technical science, professor
Telephone+998 79 225-38-35
Full nameKanatbayev Sagidat Saduovich
PositionDeputy dean of academic affairs
Academic degree and titleClosed
Telephone+998 79 225-38-35, +99897 228-09-56
Full nameShamsiyev Maxkam Sultonovich
PositionDeputy dean of youth affairs
Academic degree and titleClosed
Telephone+998 79 225-38-35

About Faculty

Bachelor speciality of Faculty

Methods of teaching mathematics;
Methods of teaching physics;
Methods of teaching computer science.

Master speciality of Faculty

Methods of teaching mathematics;
Methods of teaching physics and astronomy;
Information technology in education.

Number of professors and teachers69
Doctors and professors3
Candidates and docents23
Senior and assistant teachers43
Scientific research of Faculty37%


master's degree
About Faculty
Scientific research of Faculty
Spiritual and educational work
Talented students

The total capacity of the faculty building is 720 seats, classes are organized in 2 shifts. The number of classrooms is 18.

The faculty has enough classrooms and teaching aids to organize the educational process in accordance with modern requirements. In addition, professors and teachers have created schools in the field of science. In addition, there are visual aids, didactic materials, videos. In particular, there are about 100 computers, 24 tablets and 20 laptops (1 more) (5 computer classes), 10 video projectors, 2 electronic boards, 2 overhead projectors and 2 epidoscopes.

In December 2018 and January 2019, under the state program, physics laboratory rooms were imported from Germany with laboratory equipment worth 192,000 euros. The equipment is installed in 2 new laboratory rooms. The number of laboratories is 39.

There are textbooks for study based on the standard curriculum and standard science programs. In particular, in 2019, 3 textbooks by professors B.Izbosarov, I.Kamolov, B.Bisenova, D.Kamolova and S.Kanatbaev of the Department of Methods of Teaching Physics and Astronomy, one textbook by B.Khushvakqtov. 1 textbook for specialty subjects was created by R.Ruziev, associate professor of the Department of Informatics Teaching Methods, permission of the Ministry was obtained.

The number of graduating students of the faculty in 2020 is 316, of which 125 students are scheduled to complete their graduate work. Currently, students are doing practical work for BMI. In pedagogical practice, they have completed their graduate work and continue to carry out experimental work.

  1. The doctoral dissertations (Ds) of Ibragimov A A, Akhmedov A A, Kamolov I R, Jalilov A A have been published in the journal OAK and are being researched.
  2. In 2019, Sh. Nosirova defended her doctoral dissertation (Ds), O. Mirsanov, Kamolova D I, D. Ashurova, Sh. Toshpolatova, U. Bekpolatov defended their doctoral dissertations.
  3. In 2019, I R Kamolov received the title of “Professor”..
  4. Kuldashev L., Sayfullaeva GI, Ibodullaeva NM, Norbekov A., Yorkulov B., Hamroeva D., Sobirov J., Ergasheva SH., Shodiev SH., Mansurov D., Khalikov S. were admitted to the basic doctoral program, 2 -, 3rd year doctoral students’ dissertation topics are published in the journal OAK.
  5. Khushvaqtov B., Ochilov SH., Dustov S. conducted research as an independent researcher and the dissertation topics were published in the journal OAK

The rest of the professors are doing research. They publish articles and theses.

In the 2019 academic year, 2 teachers of physics and astronomy teaching methods received a state patent by professors and masters, and in 2020, 1 received a state patent as a software product for e-learning manuals. The faculty and students of the Department of Methodology received state patents for 2 software products in 2019 and 11 software products in 2020.

In the last 3 years, a total of 73 articles have been published in local and foreign journals recognized by the HAC.

Under the guidance of Professor of the Department of Methods of Teaching Mathematics S. Imamkulov received an international grant Erasmus + for 2017-2019, the amount of the 3-year grant is 37,000 euros. In 2019, 13,000 euros have been allocated. Doctoral student N.Ibodullaeva and 4th year student N.Akramov will also take part in the international grant.

There is a plan of spiritual and educational work at the faculty, which is approved by the vice-rector for youth affairs of the institute. On this basis, teachers and coaches organize an “Information” hour every Friday and record it in group journals by coaches. made. There are also many events. In particular, Independence Day, Teachers’ and Coaches’ Day, Constitution Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Parents’ Meeting, “Religious extremism and terrorism – a threat to the future of youth” in cooperation with law enforcement officers, “Drugs for Youth” Negative impact on education ”,“ Beware of the flu ”,“ Cheerful and smart ”, sports events and a number of other events were organized and actively participated by students and faculty.

Currently, the faculty has 1,391 students, of whom 28 live in dormitories, 932 live in rented accommodation, and 431 live in their own homes. According to the plan set by the administration of the institute, there are round-the-clock shifts in the dormitory and the educational building.

Students living in rented accommodation are constantly informed about the situation, rental addresses, albums are prepared and submitted to the Department of Spirituality and Enlightenment of the Institute.

Full name Name of Olympiad Period Scientific advisor
1 Xoliqov  Suyun Fizika  fani bo‘yicha Respublika olimpiadasida 2-o‘rin 2015-2016 o‘quv yili dots.Kamalov I.R
2 Ochiltosheva Durdonagul  Astronomiya va astrofizika  fani bo‘yicha Respublika olimpiadasida 1-o‘rin 2016-2017 o‘quv yili dots.Kamalov I.R
3 Qurbonov Sarvar Oliy matematika fani bo‘yicha Respublika olimpiadasida 2-o‘rin 2016-2017 o‘quv yili dots. Abjalilov S.X.
4 To‘ychiev Mirtemir Fizika  fani bo‘yicha Respublika olimpiadasida 2-o‘rin 2016-2017 o‘quv yili k.o‘q. Abdullaev J.M
5 Esanboev Bunyod I.Karimov nomidagi Davlat stipendiyasi sohibi 2016-2017 o‘quv yili dots. Ibragimov A.A
6 Ochiltosheva Durdonagul  Astronomiya va astrofizika  fani bo‘yicha Respublika olimpiadasida 1-o‘rin 2017-2018 o‘quv yili dots.Kamalov I.R
7 Qurbonov Sarvar I.Karimov nomidagi Davlat stipendiyasi sohibi 2017-2018 o‘quv yili dots.Kamalov I.R
8 Tursunova Maxliyo Matematika o‘qitish metodikasi fanidan Respublika olimpiadasida 3-o‘rin 2017-2018 o‘quv yili k.o‘q. Jumaev S.S.
9 Adizov Sardor O‘zbekiston-Rossiya davlat granti sohibi sifatida Moskva muhandislik texnika Universiteti 1 kurs magistri 2017-2018 o‘quv yili dots. Xudoyberdiev E.N.
1 Toshev Oybek Fizika fanidan Respublika olimpiadasida 1-o‘rin 2019 yil dots. E.Xudoyberdiev.
2 Qurbonov Sarvar Fizika fanidan Respublika olimpiadasida 2-o‘rin 2019 yil k.o‘q. J.Abdullaev
3 Sobirova Gulnoza Astronomiya va astrofizika fanidan Respublika olimpiadasida 3-o‘rin 2019 yil prof. I.R.Kamolov
4 YAndasheva Guliniso Yilning iqtidorli talabasi-2019 yil Respublika tanlovi, 2-o‘rin 2019 yil k.o‘q. B.Bisenova

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