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+998 79 225-19-30


Full nameAllaberdiyev Alijon Avezberdiyevich
PositionDean of Faculty
Academic degree and titlef.f.n.
Telephone+998 79 225-19-70
Full nameBoltayeva Gulchehra Shokirovna
PositionDeputy dean of academic affairs
Academic degree and titleClosed
Telephone+998 79 225-19-70
Full nameBozorov Qilich Qodirovich
PositionDeputy dean of youth affairs
Academic degree and titleClosed
Telephone+998 79 225-19-70

About faculty

Bachelor field of Faculty

5111200 – Uzbek language and literature

Master specialty of faculty

5A111201- Uzbek language and literature

Professor and teacher40
Doctors and Professors2
Candidates and Docents21
Senior and assistant teachers17
Scientific potential of faculty58%


About Faculty
Scientific research of Faculty
Educational and spiritual work
Talented students

The total capacity of the faculty building is 450 seats, classes are organized in 2 shifts. The number of classrooms is 9.

The faculty has enough classrooms and teaching aids to organize the educational process in accordance with modern requirements. In addition, teachers have created teaching aids in the field of science, in addition to visual aids, didactic materials, videos. In particular, there are about 120 computers (2 computer classes), 3 video projectors, 1 electronic board.

There are textbooks for study based on the standard curriculum and standard science programs. In particular, in 2019, a textbook was created by Professor of the Department of Uzbek Linguistics N. Muradova.

The number of graduate students of the faculty in 2020 amounted to 119, all of whom successfully defended their dissertations.

Certified faculty members of research topics.
1. Z.Jumaev, R.Yusubova, H, Suyunov, B.Ashurov’s doctoral dissertation (Ds) topics have been published in the bulletin of the HAC and are conducting research.
2. In 2019, N. Rakhmonov, R. Sharopova defended their doctoral dissertations, in 2020 N. Yarasheva, N. Tursunova, M. Rizaeva defended their doctoral dissertations.
3. In 2019, N. Muradova received the title of professor.
4. R.Yusubova, H.Suyunov, G.Boltaeva, B.Zaripov received the title of associate professor. N.Sharipova, M.Khudoyorova, F.Yuldashev, G.Ernazarova were admitted to the basic doctoral program.
The rest of the professors are doing research. They publish articles and theses.
In the last 3 years, a total of 60 articles have been published in local and foreign journals recognized by the HAC.

The faculty has a plan of spiritual and educational work on the study of spiritual and educational work, which is approved by the vice-rector for youth affairs of the institute. The “Information and Coaching Hour” was organized in an exemplary manner and recorded by the coaches in the group journals. There are also many events. In particular, Independence Day, Teachers’ and Coaches’ Day, Constitution Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Parents’ Meeting, “Religious extremism and terrorism – a threat to the future of youth” in cooperation with law enforcement officers, “Drugs for Youth” The negative impact on education “,” Beware of the flu “,” Cheerful and clever “, sports events and a number of other events were organized, and students and faculty members of the faculty also took an active part in it.

Currently, the faculty has 601 students, of whom 55 live in dormitories, 504 live in rented accommodation, and 42 live in their own homes. According to the plan set by the administration of the institute, there are round-the-clock shifts in the dormitory and the educational building.

Students living in rented accommodation are constantly informed about the situation, rental addresses, albums are prepared and submitted to the Department of Spirituality and Enlightenment of the Institute.

Students’ achievement of faculty


Full name Name of Olympiad Period Scientific advisor
1 Nurmonova Sarvinoz A.Navoiy  nomidagi Davlat stipendiyasi sohibi 2017-2018 o‘quv yili dots.R.YUsubova
2 Sa’dullaeva Mohira A.Navoiy  nomidagi Davlat stipendiyasi sohibi 2018-2019 o‘quv yili dots.T.Xo‘jaev
3 Pardaeva Nilufar O‘zbekiston  Respublikasi Oliy va o‘rta maxsus ta’lim vazirining 2019 yil 26 yanvardagi №78 sonli buyrug‘i ijrosini ta’minlash maqsadida Oliy ta’lim muassasalarida “Vatan himoyasi – har bir fuqaroning sharafli burchi ” mavzusida o‘tkazilgan insholar tanlovida faxrli 3-o‘rin sohibi 2019-2020 o‘quv yili O‘qituvchi Q.Bozorov
4  Qurbonov Davron O‘zbekiston Respublikasi Adliya vazirligi tomonidan  “9 dekabr –  Xalqaro korrupsiyaga qarshi kurashish kuni” munosabati bilan “Biz- korrupsiyaga qarshimiz” mavzusida o‘tkazilgan megatanlovning respublika bosqichida  “Eng yaxshi insho uchun” nominatsiyasi 3-o‘rin sohibi 2018-2019 o‘quv yili O‘qituvchi Q.Bozorov
5 Fayzullaeva  Orzigul O‘zbek tili va adabiyoti fani bo‘yicha Respublika olimpiadasida 2-o‘rin 2019-2020 o‘quv yili O‘qit.F.Nizomov


Number of Students

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